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Ger Xiong

Ger Xiong

Program: Collective

Position: Graphics Coordinator

Major: Asian American Studies, UCD 2011

Currently: Associate Lecturer at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Post graduation endeavors: Upon receiving my M.A. from UCLA in 2013, I relocated to Wisconsin. I am currently teaching at UW-Madison for the Asian American Studies Program. I have love for SRRC and I believe every campus should provide that kind of space that SRRC does for its diverse students. 

"Working alongside student activists within the SRRC provoked me to be more involved, and empowered me to exercise my agency as a student of color. The SRRC’s dedication to education equity enthused me to explore my own forms of activism in campaigning against institutionalized racism, classism, ageism, and sexism in all public & private spheres."

Lisceth Brazil Cruz

Lisceth Brazil-Cruz

Program: Yik'al Kuyum

Position: Student Director 2004-2005, Admin Coordinator 2003-2004, Volunteer 2002-2003

Major: International Relations, 2005

Currently: Ph.D Student, UC Davis, School of Education

"Working at the SRRC provided me with practical experience and working knowledge regarding the needs of historically underserved communities. This knowledge informed and fueled my desire to pursue a Ph.D in School Organization and Educational Policy where my dissertation focus on the transition to college for first generation college students."

Angelica Leonardo

Angelica Leonardo

Program: BRIDGE

Position: Student Director/RROC, Retention Coordinator, Volunteer

Major: Sociology and Women's Studies

Currently: Deputy Public Defender, Humboldt County Public Defender's Office

"My involvement with the SRRC taught me to be skeptical, to ask questions, to challenge ideas and institutions and to fight for things I believe in and to do so in a meaningful and productive manner. This led me to pursue a legal career with the hope to provide holistic representation to underserved clients.While in law school, I utilized the program planning I gained from the SRRC to co-found and organize a pre-law program for incoming first year law students from underrepresented communities.Today, I work as a deputy public defender and represent some of the most marginalized individuals in our society. "

Armael Malinis

Armael Malinis

Program: BRIDGE

Position: Community Mentorship Coordinator with Bridge 2001-02, Student Director and ROCC Rep 2002-2003 

Currently: A Full time freedom fighter, Armael is a long time youth organizer in Oakland. Co-founded Anakbayan Eastbay (sons and daughters of the people), which is an anti-imperialist Filipino youth and students group that fights for the liberation of Filipinos in the US while linking their struggles in the Philippines. Co-founder of Bandung55 (Filipino, funk, soul, hip hop band that promotes messages of freedom and liberation for all oppressed people). 

"Bridge and the SRRC was one of the foundational places that became a spring board for my activism. Organizing there provided the space that help me understanding the inequity of our educational system, which then sparked my understanding of how the entire economic system works.  I continue that spirit of inquiry and resistance in my work today.  What SRRC taught me is that activism should not be confined within the walls of the university and be a part of our everyday lives."

Eloycsia Ratliff

Eloycsia Ratliff

Program: ACE

Position: Outreach Coordinator

Major: Sociology and  Afr. American Studies, 2011

Currently: Masters of Public Health (in progress), San Francisco State University 

"Working at the SRRC exposed me to the many realities of social injustices across different communities aside from the one I idenitify with. This awareness urged me to get involved with work to address all underserved communities, and have more diverse perspective in the work I do. As a health education specialist, I constantly work with many different communities and through the SRRC I have developed a passion and a committment to serve all communities whether I am a member of it or not."

Vanessa Diaz

Vanessa Diaz


Major: English

Position: Yik’al Kuyum 2012-2013, Holistic Retention Coordinator 2013-2014, Student Director/RROC Representative

"It’s hard to think that the kind of schooling the SRRC gave me could happen in any classroom.  I first arrived to UC Davis unsure of what or who I wanted to be. I stumbled into the SRRC my second year through a friend, and began as a high school outreach intern for Yik’al Kuyum. I stayed there until I graduated. And while I didn’t become the person I first wanted to be, I became someone much better. The SRRC taught me to be a more confident, passionate, driven individual and for that, I am eternally grateful. Working at the SRRC was a lesson in empowerment and community service and overall, what it truly means to be family. It is because of the SRRC that I hope to continue doing work that matters and hope that I can live up to all that the SRRC has taught me."

Lauren Ilano

Lauren Ilano

Program: BRIDGE

Position: Student Director/RROC, Gender and Sexuality Coordinator

Major: Psychology, Women's Studies, 2012

Currently: M.A., PhD in process, UCLA

"Working alongside my community and peers on issues related to educational access and retention caused me to question the entire educational system and the way it continues to marginalize people of color. I am currently pursuing my Ph.D. in Higher Education at UCLA where I am focusing on race and colonialism in higher education." 


Krissy Ocampo

Program: BRIDGE

Position: Student Director/RROC, Administrative Coordinator

Major: Sociology-Organizational Studies; Communication; 2013

Currently: Master of Arts in Higher Education and Student Affairs, University of San Francisco; Graduate Student Intern for the Intercultural Center

"The SRRC has encouraged me to truly understand my educational experiences and therefore empowered me to become a social justice advocate through my work in Student Affairs. I was inspired by the work that we did as students, and I wanted to find ways to continue to empower myself and others. I'm working on my Master of Arts in Higher Education and Student Affairs and I can honestly say that I've learned so much through my work at the SRRC - about myself, my community, other cultures, and our interconnectedness."

Hailey Ferroni

Program: AIRR

Position: Student Director/RROC, Outreach Coordinator

Major: Psychology & Native American Studies, 2012

Currently: MA in Education, concentration in Equity and Social Justice (in progress), San Francisco State University 

"I cannot honestly imagine how my post-graduation life would be, or my undergraduate years at Davis would have been, had I not gotten involved at the center. I had always wanted to work with youth, but the SRRC really got me thinking about educational equity, community building, and social justice in ways that I had not known prior. This imbued a passion in me for educational equity, which is why I'm working on my MA in Education, and I hope to complete a teaching credential in this upcoming year. Lots of love for the SRRC, all of the mentors/friends/loved ones, and knowledge I gained."


Kim Vo

Program: SAFE

Position: Student Director, RROC

Major: International Relations, 2010

Currently: Field Development Specialist, Liberty Mutual, insurance industry

"There is a lot that I learned and developed during my time with the SRRC. I learned how to work with different personality types and demands. I greatly strengthen my time management skills. There is so much. I know for a fact that it was one of my top college experiences.  I owe a lot of what I have today to the SRRC. "

Liliana Silva

Liliana Silva


Position: Outreach Coordinator

Major: Psychology and Spanish

Currently: School Counselor at Sweetwater Union High School District

"The SRRC provided a rich foundation and experience to work with a diverse group of people. My involvement in working with youth through Yik al' Kuyum led to my decision to become a school counselor to provide equitable schooling practices and act as an advocate on behalf of all students."

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Alumni Spotlight

Jorge L Murillo

Jorge L. Murillo

Program: Yik'al Kuyum 

Position: Outreach Coordinator

Major: Sociology - Social Services, 2014

Currently: Admissions & Records Assistant, Skyline College

"The SRRC & Yik'al Kuyum gave me a strong foundation for reentering the field of higher education as a professional. Before I transferred to UC Davis I worked for a community college but lacked understanding of how an institution's recruitment and retention efforts affect the student experience, especially for those who are underrepresented. Reentering Skyline College after having worked for the SRRC, I think, has made me a better advocate for underrepresented students and a critical thinker when it comes to college-level policies that go against equity. I feel better prepared to engage in conversations that pertain to student recruitment and retention. Lastly, the SRRC has given me an edge when it comes to employment given its uniqueness and because it is precisely in higher education that I seek a long-term career."