BRIDGE: Pilipino/a Outreach & Retention

BRIDGE Staff 2013-2014

BRIDGE was created in 1987 because of the steadily decreasing number of Pilipin@s pursuing higher education on a yearly basis. We began as a service under UC Davis’ Mga Kapatid. However, in 1997 we became our own student organization in order to pursue more services. In 1999, the Pilipin@ community became an influential part of the original Recruitment and Retention Organizing Committee (RROC) and continue to work with many other communities to form a student-initiated and student-run center.

Our goal is to empower students to transform this educational system and validate the complexity of the Pilipin@ culture through our services, which include:

  • High School Outreach: provide resources and mentorship to encourage students to pursue higher education
  • Academic & Personal Support: offer resources to students to support them achieve the goal of graduation and to increase the recruitment and retention rate of Pilipin@ students at all levels of education
  • Cultural & Community Awareness: promote awareness of various issues in the Pilipin@ community, including LGBTQIA support and women empowerment


Angelica SingsonStudent Director/RROC
Neal GutierrezAdministrative
Robyn HueyCommunity Mentorship Advocacy
Dina EstiponaHolistic Retention
VacantGender & Sexuality
Jonathan AbelRecruitment
Jessica PageRecruitment

Pilipino/a Community Resources

BRIDGE: Pilipino/a Outreach & Retention Program is part of a larger Fil-Am community at UC Davis. Please check out these other resources available to you: