BRIDGE: Pilipino/a Outreach & Retention

  • BRIDGE Staff 2014-15

  • Pilipin@ Empowerment Conference 2014 at Bodega Bay

  • Pilipin@ Empowerment Conference 2014 at Bodega Bay

  • Pilipin@ Empowerment Conference 2014 at Bodega Bay

  • Pilipin@ Empowerment Conference 2014 at Bodega Bay

  • Pilipin@ Empowerment Conference 2014 at Bodega Bay

  • BRIDGE Board at Pilipin@ Empowerment Conference 2014 at Bodega Bay

BRIDGE was created in 1987 because of the steadily decreasing number of Pilipin@s pursuing higher education on a yearly basis. We began as a service under UC Davis’ Mga Kapatid. However, in 1997 we became our own student organization in order to pursue more services. In 1999, the Pilipin@ community became an influential part of the original Recruitment and Retention Organizing Committee (RROC) and continue to work with many other communities to form a student-initiated and student-run center.

Our goal is to empower students to transform this educational system and validate the complexity of the Pilipin@ culture through our services, which include:

  • High School Outreach: provide resources and mentorship to encourage students to pursue higher education
  • Academic & Personal Support: offer resources to students to support them achieve the goal of graduation and to increase the recruitment and retention rate of Pilipin@ students at all levels of education
  • Cultural & Community Awareness: promote awareness of various issues in the Pilipin@ community, including LGBTQIA support and women empowerment


Name Position Email
Jonathan Abel Student Director/RROC Representative
Carmela Liao Administrative Coordinator
Loretta Bonifacio Recruitment - High School
Ralph Imatong Recruitment - Middle School
Justin Uesugi Retention
Michelle Cordero Retention - Gender and Sexuality

Pilipino/a Community Resources

BRIDGE: Pilipino/a Outreach & Retention Program is part of a larger Fil-Am community at UC Davis. Please check out these other resources available to you:

Filipino Graduation Ceremony 2014

Filipino Graduation Ceremony, also known as Fil-Grad, is an annual ceremony that has honored the personal and academic achievments of graduating seniors for 25 years.

Fil-Grad differs from UC Davis college commencements by providing an intimate, personal environment that fully embraces the significance of each graduating student's experiences. Graduates are treated as a hero for their challenges and accomplishments encountered during their undergraduate career. Every senior receives 45 seconds of spotlight to say a speech and give thanks and shout outs. Through Fil-Grad, we encourage students within the younger classes to pursue the same achievements as graduates, and in doing so encourage the importance of utilizing and completing this higher level of education.

Click here to view this year's Filipino Graduation Ceremony Program from June 13, 2014.