SEAYC 2016 - Embracing Your Power: Existence is Resilience

Southeast Asian Furthering Education (SAFE), a student-run department at the University of California, Davis, caters to Southeast Asian and ally identified students. We are proud to announce our annual Southeast Asian Youth Conference (SEAYC) to be held at UC Davis from January 29 to January 31, 2016. SEAYC is a 3 day and 2 night youth conference that includes workshops, activities, guest performers and speakers to empower and guide the youth through critical dialogues about themselves and the Southeast Asian community.

This year's theme, "Embracing your Power: Existence is Resilience", focuses on the strength and identities within each individual. We acknowledge that, regardless of background or previous experiences, each person has a power within themselves to make a difference in their communities and societies as a whole. Each person’s stories and narratives are valid; we are providing a space where these truths can be shared and recognized. Historically, our communities have been marginalized and silenced; however, our generation shows resilience and strength to empower ourselves, our communities, and future generations to come.


Application Due Dates:

  • Participants (Application Due: December 28, 2015 @11:59pm)
    SEAYC is for any middle school/ high school student who is interested in learning about the Southeast Asian community's identity, cultures and issues. Look forward to a weekend filled of workshops and activities that will make you think critically and challenge your perspective, while creating life-long relationships with mentors and friends who will support you through all your endeavors. Be prepared for a weekend with lots of excitement and fun. In return, we ask you to PARTICIPATE and CHALLENGE yourself (mentally, physically, emotionally) to truly enjoy the experience. 
  • Mentors (Application Due: December 13, 2015 @11:59pm)
    As mentors, SEAYC is here to provide a great opportunity to directly impact the youth — the leaders of tomorrow. Mentors hold a critical role in providing the support, guidance, and love that is unique from any other adult figure in the youth's lives. Mentors should be able to connect with the students on a surface level but also a deeper and more intimate one as well. Being a mentor requires genuine and sincere passion to help the youth truly embrace the experience. 
  • Workshops (Applications Due: January 4, 2016 @11:59pm)
    As a facilitator, you will need to conduct a workshop that will be thought-provoking and challenging for the students. Your ultimate goal is to inform and introduce new perspectives to these students. However, keep in mind that you should also be open minded and willing to learn from the students and not just lecture to them about what you know. The workshops that are proposed should be inspirational, empowering, impacting, and eye-opening. These workshops are opportunities to express your message to the students who will be the leaders of tomorrow.
  • Volunteer/Chaparone (Application Due: January 15, 2016 @11:59pm)
    • Volunteers and chaperones are such critical players in making SEAYC happen. They are the core component in making SEAYC a success--working before, during and even after the event. As a volunteer, you will have the opportunity to contribute to the effectiveness of SEAYC through direct interaction or set-up/take-down of highly critical moments throughout SEAYC. Possible areas of interest you can specifically volunteer for are workshops, food, set-up, activities and etc.
    • As a chaperone, you will have the opportunity to interact more directly with the students. You will be able to debrief with the students at the end of the day and get their immediate feedback. Although you'll only spend a short amount of time with the students, you will surely be impactful on their lives.  Chaperones must be responsible adults and give consent to a background check (any on-campus part-time students should already have this criteria met).
  • Performers (Applications Due: January 4, 2016 @11:59pm)
    One main event of SEAYC is the Community Showcase which will take place on Saturday, January 30, 2016. The purpose of the Community Showcase is to deconstruct traditional expectations of success, and host a diverse set of artists that will positively inspire the youth to pursue whatever endeavors they wish to strive towards through their performance. For the showcase, we ask candidates to not only share their talent but also their story on how they have followed their passion to get to where they are today.

Please email any questions, comments, and/or concerns to Kayla Lor (, Izabela "Izzie" Villanueva (, or Kevy Chea (