Yik'al Kuyum

  • Yik’al Kuyum Staff 2014-15

Yik’al Kuyum (Mayan for “Origin of Light”): The Chican@/Latin@ Holistic Student Support Program was established in 1999 as part of the Student Recruitment and Retention Center. Yik’al Kuyum provides student led, student initiated programs to support educational attainment for Chican@/Latin@ students. We provide holistic support that emphasizes community awareness, advocacy, cultural affirmation, and academic success. Yik’al Kuyum’s goals are two-fold, focusing on recruitment and retention. We outreach to middle school and high school students providing cultural awareness, academic resources, and mentorship to promote a college going culture and encourage them to pursue higher education. On campus, we seek to increase the number and overall retention and graduation of Chican@/Latin@ students at UC Davis, by fostering a healthy supportive community that encourages individuals to be agents of social change in their time as undergraduates.


Name Position Email
Karen Gonzalez Student Director/RROC Representative kargonzalez@ucdavis.edu
Alondra Morales Administrative Coordinator amorales@ucdavis.edu
Adriana Fernandez Recruitment - High School adfernandez@ucdavis.edu
Angelica Flores Recruitment - Middle School agflores@ucdavis.edu
Sabrina Sanchez Retention stsanchez@ucdavis.edu
Erica Perez Retention - Gender and Sexuality eeperez@ucdavis.edu

Chican@/Latin@ Community Resources

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