Yik'al Kuyum

YK Staff 2013-2014

Continuous conservative attacks on the education system have taken their toll on many of our minority populations. In addition, the inability of the education system (primary, secondary, and the university) to take into account the specific cultural needs of the Chicana/o Latina/o population has failed. Therefore, Yik’al Kuyum provides an alternative route by which students can achieve educational success. Yik’al Kuyum utilizes the holistic educational model to help students meet their educational needs by personalizing their education.

Using its two main components, recruitment and retention, Yik’al Kuyum aims not only to increase the number of Raza students in higher education but also to provide a culturally sensitive and academic support in order to facilitate expedient graduation dates.


Vanessa DiazStudent Director/RROC Representativevldiaz@ucdavis.edu
Evelyn FariasAdministrative Coordinatorevfarias@ucdavis.edu
Jackie SantizoLiberatory Workshop/Peer Mentorship Coordinatorjbsantizo@ucdavis.edu
Erica PerezGender & Sexuality Coordinatoreeperez@ucdavis.edu
Jorge MurilloRecruitment Coordinatorjlmurillo@ucdavis.edu
Karen GonzalezRecruitment Coordinatorkargonzalez@ucdavis.edu

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