Armael Malinis

Armael Malinis Photo

Position Title
Community Mentorship Coordinator with Bridge 2001-02, Student Director and ROCC Rep 2002-2003

Alumni Testimonial


Program: BRIDGE

Currently: A full-time freedom fighter, Armael is a long time youth organizer in Oakland. Co-founded Anakbayan Eastbay (sons and daughters of the people), which is an anti-imperialist Filipino youth and students group that fights for the liberation of Filipinos in the US while linking their struggles in the Philippines. Co-founder of Bandung55 (Filipino, funk, soul, hip hop band that promotes messages of freedom and liberation for all oppressed people). 

"Bridge and the SRRC was one of the foundational places that became a spring board for my activism. Organizing there provided the space that help me understanding the inequity of our educational system, which then sparked my understanding of how the entire economic system works.  I continue that spirit of inquiry and resistance in my work today.  What SRRC taught me is that activism should not be confined within the walls of the university and be a part of our everyday lives."