Hailey Ferroni

Hailey Ferroni Photo

Position Title
Student Director/RROC, Outreach Coordinator

Alumni Testimonial


Program: AIRR

Major: Psychology & Native American Studies, 2012

Currently: MA in Education, concentration in Equity and Social Justice (in progress), San Francisco State University 

"I cannot honestly imagine how my post-graduation life would be, or my undergraduate years at Davis would have been, had I not gotten involved at the center. I had always wanted to work with youth, but the SRRC really got me thinking about educational equity, community building, and social justice in ways that I had not known prior. This imbued a passion in me for educational equity, which is why I'm working on my MA in Education, and I hope to complete a teaching credential in this upcoming year. Lots of love for the SRRC, all of the mentors/friends/loved ones, and knowledge I gained."