Jorge L. Murillo

Jorge Murillo Photo

Position Title
Outreach Coordinator

Alumni Testimonial


Program: Yik'al Kuyum

Major: Sociology - Social Services, 2014

Currently: Admissions & Records Assistant, Skyline College

"The SRRC & Yik'al Kuyum gave me a strong foundation for reentering the field of higher education as a professional. Before I transferred to UC Davis I worked for a community college but lacked understanding of how an institution's recruitment and retention efforts affect the student experience, especially for those who are underrepresented. Reentering Skyline College after having worked for the SRRC, I think, has made me a better advocate for underrepresented students and a critical thinker when it comes to college-level policies that go against equity. I feel better prepared to engage in conversations that pertain to student recruitment and retention. Lastly, the SRRC has given me an edge when it comes to employment given its uniqueness and because it is precisely in higher education that I seek a long-term career."