Vanessa Diaz

Vanessa Diaz Photo

Position Title
Yik’al Kuyum 2012-2013, Holistic Retention Coordinator 2013-2014, Student Director/RROC Representative

Alumni Testimonial


Program: Yik'al Kuyum

Major: English

"It’s hard to think that the kind of schooling the SRRC gave me could happen in any classroom.  I first arrived to UC Davis unsure of what or who I wanted to be. I stumbled into the SRRC my second year through a friend, and began as a high school outreach intern for Yik’al Kuyum. I stayed there until I graduated. And while I didn’t become the person I first wanted to be, I became someone much better. The SRRC taught me to be a more confident, passionate, driven individual and for that, I am eternally grateful. Working at the SRRC was a lesson in empowerment and community service and overall, what it truly means to be family. It is because of the SRRC that I hope to continue doing work that matters and hope that I can live up to all that the SRRC has taught me."