ACE: African Diaspora Cultivating Education

The African Diaspora Cultivating Education (ACE) strives to increase the number of African Diaspora individuals earning a college degree through comprehensive recruitment and retention efforts.  Some of the annual initiatives hosted by ACE include, the Annual Black Leadership Retreat, Soul Speaks, Peer Mentorship Program, weekly outreach visits to middle schools and high schools and the Black Youth Leadership Retreat.

ACE's program goals include:

  • ACE strives to increase the possibility of educational attainment for African Diaspora youth through recruitment efforts which include academic support, cultural enrichment, and college readiness. 
  • ACE aims to create a supportive environment for UC Davis students through retention efforts that address academic success, cultural awareness, and personal development.

If you are interested in getting involved or learning more about ACE, please contact Administrative Coordinator.

African Diaspora/African American Community Resources

ACE is part of the larger African diasporic community at UC Davis. Please feel free to check out other resources: