Image of participants in a circle during a youth conference event


Recruitment Services:

  • K-12 Weekly Outreach
  • Pathway to College Support
  • Reservation Outreach
  • College Admission Info
  • Community College outreach
  • Campus Visits Experience
  • Youth Conferences
  • Aggie Senior Weekend Trip
  • Aggie Transfer Weekend Trip

Goals of Recruitment at the SRRC:

We will promote and support academic preparation, leadership development and cultural enrichment activities for non-college tracked youth and community college students (k-12 & community college).

  • SRRC will interest historically underrepresented, low-income or educationally disadvantaged students in continuing their post-secondary education.

  • SRRC will inform students of the post-secondary opportunities available at all higher education institutions.
  • SRRC will use a scaffolding pedagogy to culturally empower and progressively move students toward degree completion.
  • SRRC will promote holistic learning to engage students in the praxis of critical consciousness

By guiding students and offering opportunities to become competitive in the admissions process for UCsCSUsCCs and any other institutions of choice, SRRC will serve as a vehicle of liberation for historically underrepresented, low-income or educationally disadvantaged students.