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Recruitment & Retention Organizing Committee

The Recruitment and Retention Organizing Committee (RROC) is the governing board of the Student Recruitment and Retention Center and exists to ensure that the goals of the SRRC are satisfied. The board consists of 10 voting members who are mostly undergraduate students.

Mission Statement

The RROC holds that education is a vehicle for liberating individuals and creating change for communities. Guided by the principles of holistic learning, RROC will strive to create an atmosphere conducive for educational achievement encourage the development of critical consciousness at the primary, secondary, and university levels; and serve as a vehicle to empower all people.


  • We will promote and support academic preparation, leadership development and cultural enrichment activities for non-college tracked youth and community college students (k-12 & community college).
  • We will provide student-led, holistic retention support services to historically underrepresented, low-income or educationally disadvantaged enrolled students (undergraduate & graduate).


  1. Harm Reduction: We commit to reducing harm caused by institutional oppression and structural mechanisms.
  2. Empowerment & Agency: We strive to promote and role model holistic health management for the wellness of our communities.
  3. Resource Awareness: We will connect and engage our communities with necessary resources on and off campus to nourish and develop them.

Governing Documents

The Recruitment & Retention Organizing Committee is governed by our constitution:


Meeting Minutes

The Recruitment & Retention Organizing Committee is committed to promoting transparency between our governing board and the communities we represent.

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