BRIDGE: Pilipinx Outreach & Retention


BRIDGE was created in 1987 because of the steadily decreasing number of Filipinxs pursuing higher education on a yearly basis. In 1999, the Filipinx community became an influential part of the original Recruitment and Retention Organizing Committee (RROC) and continue to work with many other communities to form the student-run center Student Recruitment and Retention Center (SRRC) at UC Davis.

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BRIDGE's Goals

Our goal is to empower students to transform this educational system and validate the complexity of the Filipinx culture through our many services and events.

Filipinx Community Resources

BRIDGE: Pilipinx Outreach & Retention Program is part of a larger Fil-Am community at UC Davis. Please check out these other resources available to you:

Why the "P"?

BRIDGE includes the reclaimed version of "Filipinx" as "Pilipinx" in our formal title. The letter "F" does not exist in Baybayin, the native script of pre-colonial Philippines. However, the use of "Filipinx" and "Pilipinx" is based on individual preference and can be used interchangeably.

Why the "X"?

In effort to foster greater inclusivity, BRIDGE has changed the "o" in "Pilipino" to an "x." The "x" is gender neutral and encompasses all genders that exist in the Pilipinx community.