Campus Visits Experience

The Student Recruitment & Retention Center (SRRC) at UC Davis stands for educational equity and strives to holistically support students both in academic and personal development. The Campus Visit Experience aims to provide disadvantaged students with more than just a simple tour, but rather an experience that exposes them to the endless possibilities and opportunities through higher education.

The Campus Visits Coordinators work in collaboration with the seven components at the SRRC. We open our services to a variety of different schools ranging from elementary schools through junior colleges. We provide the opportunity for your group to tour the UC Davis campus, attend a student panel, as well as a variety of presentations, workshops, activities, games, etc. For examples of what a Campus Visit Experience would look like, check out these Agenda Examples.

Campus Visits are a great way that many current UC Davis students can get involved and share their unique college experiences which will help positively influence the lives of the students who visit UC Davis. If you are a current UC Davis student interested in being a volunteer with our program, please let us know. For more information please contact: