SAFE: Southeast Asians Furthering Education

SAFE Staff
Left to right: Dao Vang, Judy Chang, Khanh Phu, Suzanne Vue, Shayla Phothisene, and Anson Saechao

Southeast Asians Furthering Education (SAFE) is one of the seven community programs at the Student Recruitment and Retention Center (SRRC) at UC Davis. SAFE targets students who identify as Southeast Asian (SEA) and Southeast Asian American (SEAA). Our program centers hxstories* and experiences tied to the Vietnam War, Khmer Rouge, the Secret War, and Pathet Lao. We encourage current students to bring energy and a willingness to learn to our future activities and events.

 *The "x" is meant to be an inclusive and radical term that challenges that "histories" told in traditional education spaces.

Southeast Asian Community Resources

SAFE is a part of the larger SEA community at UC Davis. Please feel free to view other resources here: