Southeast Asian Retreat 2018

SEA Retreat 2016

Southeast Asian Retreat 2018: Lost at SEA? I'm Not Shore!

The Southeast Asian Retreat is an opportunity for you to build relationships with current and new students like yourself on campus, become knowledgeable about resources available at UC Davis to support your education, and to learn more about yourself and the ways you can be empowered on campus.

Being Southeast Asian (SEA) can come with many feelings, questions, and experiences. We are a group made up of many different peoples, and at times, it may feel like we are drifting back and forth from this identity and being just “American.” Feeling “lost at sea”, especially during the first few years at UC Davis, is an experience that so many of us share. Southeast Asian Retreat is an opportunity to find yourself and your community. As a Southeast Asian community, together, we can navigate culture, leadership, and resources at UC Davis so that you can feel more “shore” of yourself and the experiences you want to have as an Aggie.

When: Saturday, October 13 AND Sunday, October 14

Where: Community of the Great Commission, Foresthill, CA

Application Due Dates:

Participation Fee: $20 (covers transportation, lodging, and meals - participants only)

For any comments, questions, or concerns, please feel free to contact: