Collective Positions

Student Director (SD)/Recruitment & Retention Organizing Committee (RROC) Representative

The Student Director will have oversight over Collective’s programs and coordinators. They will work towards supporting and helping build unity within Collective coordinators, the SRRC, and the greater transfer and non-traditional student community at UC Davis.

The Student Director will be responsible for:

  • Providing holistic support, supervision & programmatic guidance for all Collective coordinators and general members (i.e. Host weekly 1 on 1 meetings with Collective program coordinators).

  • Facilitating Collective's staff meetings.

  • Reviewing all Collective proposals to ensure the accuracy of funding requests and alignment with SRRC values.

  • Providing continuous, ongoing evaluation of all Collective initiatives.

  • Developing and implementing quarterly staff retreats, including a transition retreat.

  • Assisting in the planning and organization of various Collective events/activities.

  • Attending Student Director meetings to discuss various SRRC topics.

  • Attending weekly meetings with SRRC Career Staff.

The Recruitment and Retention Organizing Committee (RROC) is the decision-making body of the Student Recruitment & Retention Center. As a RROC representative, the Student Director forms part of this governing board and holds voting privileges. RROC has oversight for all SRRC finances, SRRC operations and recruitment/retention initiatives. Furthermore, RROC provides advocacy surrounding issues of educational equity.

A RROC representative will be responsible for:

  • Promoting transparency between RROC and the SRRC staff.

  • Attending weekly RROC Board meetings to represent the transfer & non-traditional student community.

  • Providing the transfer & non-traditional student community with updates from the RROC Board.

  • Allocating funding to support SRRC Initiatives.

  • Planning monthly staff in-service.

  • Maintaining and promoting a welcoming, inclusive environment for the overall SRRC.

  • Creating awareness to the general public of issues pertaining to your respective community.

Each RROC Representative will have accompanying responsibilities for one of the follow specific RROC roles:

  • Internal Chair

  • Campus Community Chair

  • External Chair
  • Financial Chair
  • Secretary
  • Recruitment Chair
  • Retention Chair

Administrative Coordinator

The Administrative Coordinator supports and helps build cohesion between Collective volunteers, interns, coordinators, the SRRC, and the greater transfer and non-traditional student community at UC Davis.

The Administrative Coordinator will be responsible for:

  • Program and event logistics such as room reservations.

  • Supporting purchase requests and submission of final expense reports.

  • Sending weekly newsletters to community members.

  • Overseeing and updating all Collective social media accounts (e.g. Facebook, Instagram) to promote events, generate publicity, and maintain the program's consistent presence over all forums.

  • Organizing and implementing the Volunteer/Internship Program.

  • Co-hosting the quarterly social/community development event for the Non-Traditional Student Community i.e. Transfers Building Community Series with fellow Collective coordinators.

  • Developing & coordinating Community Empowerment events/activities (1 per quarter).

  • Serving as a core member of the Administrative Committee.

Transfer Outreach Coordinator

The Transfer Outreach Coordinator is focused primarily on off-campus outreach to community college(s) and will be responsible for:

  • Working closely with the Community Advisor for Recruitment and the Collective Student Director to:

    • Establish partnerships with community colleges in the Sacramento Region (consider schools where students are at-risk and underserved).

    • Establish partnerships with community colleges outreach and support programs such as EOPS or PUENTE.

    • Seek support and resources.

  • Creating and maintaining sustainable positive working relationships at respective community college(s).

  • Organizing and hosting between 3-5 Shadow Days throughout the academic year (1 in the fall, 2-4 winter and spring quarter).

  • Conducting weekly or regular outreach visits to at least 1 community college.

  • Providing a student perspective on how to "transfer" and how succeed as a "transfer" student.

  • Collaborating with the Transfer Exposure Coordinator to provide campus visits to UC Davis for outreach participants.

  • Co-coordinating annual SRRC recruitment events: Aggie Senior & Transfer Weekend Trip, with fellow Recruitment Coordinators.

  • Serving as a core member of the Recruitment Committee.

  • Access to a reliable mode of transportation to travel to outreach sites AND/OR having a valid driver's license is highly encouraged

Transfer Retention Coordinator

The Transfer Retention Coordinator supports the retention of transfer, re-entry, parent, and all nontraditional UC Davis students by creating engaging programming guided by SRRC holistic retention initiatives. The coordinator will focus on building a welcoming community and learning environment through providing resources and events based on the non-traditional student experience.

 The Transfer Retention Coordinator will be responsible for developing and coordinating retention programs and strategies in the following areas:

  • Academic Excellence: Providing academic support and personal development opportunities for the Non-Traditional Student Community i.e. Transfer Hours.

  • Mentorship: Coordinating the T.E.A.M. Transfer Mentorship Program.

  • Cultural Identity: Co-coordinating an empowerment event (retreat or day) for the non-traditional student community in widening their experiences such as the Transfer Empowerment Series/Retreat.

  • Community Development: Co-hosting the quarterly social/community development event for the Non-Traditional Student Community i.e. Transfers Building Community Series with fellow Collective coordinators.

  • Health & Wellness: Promoting the wellbeing of both physical and mental health, sharing health & wellness resources.

  • Leadership Development: sharing leadership opportunities and resources with the community.

  • Life After College Success: Co-hosting a Pathway to Graduate School workshop with the SRRC’s GAAAP, Collective alumni, and/or graduate/professional school students who were also transfer students in their undergraduate career.

  • Gender & Sexuality: Facilitating spaces that are inclusive and welcoming of all identities and which encouraging the understanding of multiple, intersectional identities.

Additionally, the Retention Coordinator will:

  • Work closely with the Collective Student Director and Community Advisor for Retention to develop programs (ex. Creating budgets and proposals for all events/programming).

  • Maintain relationships with other resources on campus such as the Transfer Re-Entry Center, the Veteran’s Success Center, EOP, etc.

  • Collaborate with other SRRC programs to enhance transfer support and community building through joint events or staff dialogues.

  • Serve as a core member of the Retention Committee.

 All staff will be responsible for:

  • Attending SRRC Spring Class and SRRC Summer Formation.

  • Attending quarterly Collective Staff Retreats.

  • Attending weekly staff meetings, weekly or bi-weekly one-on-ones with your student director AND the Community Advisor, SRRC In Service, and any meeting depending on your position.

  • Creating a budget and proposal for each activity/event or strategy.

  • Ensuring that activities/events are catered to serve the transfer & non-traditional student community.

  • Evaluating respective programs on a regular basis and gathering feedback from participants.

  • Representing Collective and the SRRC professionally, as well as being able to articulate the mission and goals of both Collective and the SRRC to staff, faculty, students, and other audiences.

  • Advocating and upholding the values of Collective and the SRRC throughout all programs.

  • Coordinating intern and volunteer projects in order to provide them with a valuable experience.

  • Maintaining a 2.5 cumulative GPA and full-time student status.

  • Supporting major community events such as the T.E.A.M. Program, Transfer Weekend, Campus Visits, Transfer Empowerment Retreat, etc.

  • Being active in the greater transfer & non-traditional student community to ensure that the needs of the target population are being addressed.

  • Maintaining consistent communication/correspondence with partners/collaborators as it pertains to programming efforts.

  • Assisting Collective Staff as needed.

Position descriptions are subject to change.